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Early Years Learning Framework

Our care and education platform is based on the Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF) of belonging, being and becoming and is governed by the National Quality Standards. The purpose of the National Law is to create a jointly governed uniform national approach to the regulations and quality assessment of education and care services. At Hillside preschool our educators actively engage in their own professional growth that leads to thoughtful judgement and decision making for all children’s learning. Through reflective practice we think more deeply about our work that motivates us to explore new ideas and approaches to create a more spontaneous learning outcome.

In the classroom

Our daily activities are displayed in the room for you to reflect upon and Educators welcome and encourage the support from families to contribute in our day to day accomplishments. We have our routine displayed in the room for transition times and groupings, and we take part during our ‘Morning Meeting’ where we discuss topics and things we are interested in. Through this reflective process we recognise our learning and knowledge. Our school readiness program supports play based learning and we incorporate technical skills such as mathematics and literacy as well as primary school orientation. We have a strong rapport with our local primary schools and will visit during the Bellbird children’s orientation time at the end of the year.

Family Contribution

We are a small centre and value our family atmosphere. We encourage family participation through a number of ways such as menu suggestions, book reading, singing and dancing or an introduction to community professions, hobbies and special skills. With your input and expertise we can create the best learning environment for our children.

Winston Wombat:

Is our Hillside family member that comes for a visit to your house for an overnight stay. Our much loved cuddly toy wombat comes with his own bowl, jacket, bag and his journal to record the special times he spent with you and your family.

Winston has a special ability to bring children and their families closer together and his journal is read to everyone in the classroom when he comes back home to preschool. For children this experience encourages expression of thoughts and feelings where they can use their imagination in role-play. Besides fostering responsibility it also supports a child’s sense of nurture to provide comfort and care to someone they are looking after.

We also encourage families to attend meetings and other special functions through-out the year such as social events and workshops. Our parent library has many helpful resources which we are happy for you to browse through or lend to you. Please let the office know if you are borrowing items so that we can keep a record.

Your teacher will discuss and have a quick chat about your child’s progress on a day to day basis however if you need to discuss matters in a more formal setting a mutually agreed upon time can be arranged. Please don’t hesitate to come forward to express your concerns with your teacher we are here to help resolve matters big or small.

Observations and developmental milestones

Within our daily classroom setting we observe all children and the achievements they make. Recordings are made through different kinds of media such as photographs, video and written jottings and permission to do so have been agreed to upon enrolment. Developmental records of your child are of the strictest confidence and professionally discussed if necessary. Educators will inform you of your child’s development upon request and if you have any concerns with regard to their progress please make an appointment with your teacher.

Each child will have an individual portfolio containing their work samples which is available for parents to look through at any time. Children are very proud of their work and it is encouraged for you to enjoy their achievements. However we do ask that you consider the privacy of other families and only look through your own child’s portfolio.


A newsletter with all the latest updates is e-mailed to you every month. Parents can check and enjoy the latest achievements made by children and other information that is circulating around the community. Contributions to the newsletter made by families are welcomed.

Students and Volunteers

Hillside preschool encourages and supports a variety of teaching facilities and educational programs. Students from University, Job-start, TAFE colleges and High schools may complete practical experience to further develop their skills at our centre. Student identification papers and photographs will be displayed in the foyer to help you familiarise yourself with them and their achievements.

Special Visitors and Events

We offer special experiences at the centre to encourage and create opportunities of learning by inviting a variety of visitors, at a small cost to you. Performance organisations such as Kindi-farm, Pirate Pete, African drumming or the Reptile show have been accredited to visit preschools and perform age appropriate lessons that engage children in a fun and entertaining way.

Behaviour Management

Our behaviour management techniques are researched and supported by our National Quality Assurance system, Regulations and Licensing guidelines for Centre Based Services.

Centre staff will use a positive approach to redirect inappropriate behaviour and encourage the child to recognise their own conduct and develop an appreciation of other people and their needs, rights and feelings. Positive encouragement will support a child’s decision on choosing the ‘right from the wrong’ thing to do. Often adults may not perceive that ‘being naughty’ is developmentally appropriate behaviour for young children who are learning about themselves and their surroundings. However, if you have any concerns regarding your child’s behaviour please talk to your teacher and together we can work on a more successful approach or strategy to achieve better results.

Smoke Free Zone

Our centre is a smoke free zone. Smoking is not allowed within 200m of the premises.